Fall 2018 Sample Pack


Fall 2018 Sample Pack


Includes the following six scents in 1ml glass vials:

Carrion Son: Gasoline, blood, honeysuckle vines, swollen cranberries, and tobacco leaf.

Deerskin: Warm straw, painted corn, antler velvet, juniper, and musk.

Harbinger in White: Black roses, black patchouli, and black feathers under a fresh layer of snow.

Piece of Calico: Pumpkin, white chocolate, and patchouli flower.

Pumpkin Guts: Shriveled summer gourds, pumpkin flesh, dragon's blood, and our own blood accord.

Weaver: Funnel cake topped with green apples, pear syrup, and delicate spider webs.

Available in your choice of fractionated coconut oil or meadowfoam seed oil. Please specify which you prefer at checkout. Otherwise, FCO will be used by default.

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