Summer 2018 Sample Pack


Summer 2018 Sample Pack


Includes the following six scents in 1ml glass vials:

3 Witches in a Fir Tree: Oleander accord, muddy leather boots, pokeberry-stained ivy rope, and fir needles.

And From the Strong Comes Sweet: Honeycomb, peach syrup, galbanum, rice milk, and a lock of golden hair from the lion's mane.

Fire in a Bottle: Lemon balm, amber, vanilla, and distant campfire smoke.

Hysteria: Blue wisteria, white jasmine, rock rose, crisp cucumber, and aldehydes.

Slipped Between His Teeth: Ambergris, white florals, cedarwood, bone meal, blackcurrant, and marjoram.

Totality: Opoponax, bitter almond, fennel, black pine sap, orchid, and ozone.

Available in your choice of fractionated coconut oil or meadowfoam seed oil. Please specify which you prefer at checkout. Otherwise, FCO will be used by default.

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